Why Video

Outperforms Image Any Time!

Every online store needs video content to grow and engage with its customers. We are absolutely sure you heard it before and even considered creating videos to help you promote your products but at the last second you have shied away from doing so.

We are here to help you get a better understanding of why using videos in your marketing strategy is so important. But as always we do it with a twist. Unlike the rest, we believe that store owners should not create the videos by themselves, but they should be created for them.


First, it should be based on their store’s real time data, tailored for your daily needs. Second, we know how hard it is to figure out which products to promote, what kind of videos to create in order to promote them and not to mention the time and money it requires. Therefore, we decided to do it all for you! That’s the main reason we established Minta, to help online stores drive sales and brand awareness by using video without lifting a finger and taking out a lot of the guesswork while we do all the heavy lifting.

So, let’s start with the top reason why you should use videos.

Video Increases Purchase Intent

Many potential customers that visit your store or view your promotions on social media want to “feel” the products before making a purchase decision. From a recent research study conducted by MarketingDrive, more than 64% of consumers said that their purchase intent grows by up to 3 times after watching a product video.

Capture Your Customers Attention

Videos are probably the best eye catchers in today’s social media “jungle”. Videos have a better potential to stand out compared to images for several reasons. First, video includes animations that stimulate your potential customers’ attention and that is the first thing you want- grabbing your audience’s attention. Second, video creates anticipation which results in expanding your potential customers time reading and viewing your products and messages by up to 4 times in comparison to product images. Third, our brain is “educated” to consume video content a lot better than images.

Our Own Reflection Inside The Video

When a potential customer is trapped by one of your videos, it’s partly because the content makes them see themselves in it. Yes, sounds a bit strange but think of yourself watching a product video, we subconsciously imagine ourselves inside the outfit.

Brand And Positioning

Using daily product videos to promote your online store is one of the best ways to determine your style and position your brand.

The animation, the font style, music and colors makes your products deliver you brand style and position you in the eyes of your target audience.

Social Media Engagement

It’s no secret that social media algorithms organically promote video better than images do to the higher engagement they create among your potential customers. You can even say that videos encourage social media engagement and interaction. If we look at the numbers, videos encourage up to 50% more engagement than images and that is without the “earned” viral effect you get when someone likes, comments or shares your video since his followers see others activity in their news feed, making it even more engaging.

So, to conclude If an image is worth a thousand words, video is unbeatable!

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