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Increase Views & Engagement Using Minta Videos

We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs learn and educate best from their peers, and that’s what our customer case study series is all about!

Today we’re going to take a look at how Nik and Noah’s Boytique used Minta videos for their organic product pins and gained up to 60 times the impressions on video pins versus static image pins.

So, let’s get started.

Nik and Noah’s Boytique is a children’s clothing e-commerce store based out of Northern California. They offer their brand on numerous platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon and Wal-mart. The store’s goal was to use product pins as a means to drive organic traffic to their newly launched Etsy store.

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Our main goal was to test and see if organic video pins or static image pins received more impressions and clicks to our Etsy store without any ad spend.

How Did We Execute The Case Study?

We chose 3 different products we wanted to test this on. We made duplicate listings of each product with the only difference being one listing contained a Minta product video and the other did not.

Dates Collaboration Ran

  • March 2, 2021 - March 16, 2021

Social Media Channels Used

  • Pinterest


  • Organic Audience of who the Pinterest algorithm selected to show our pins too based off on product titles, descriptions and keywords.

Marketing Assets

  • One Minta video of a St. Patrick’s Day outfit
  • One Minta video of a Mr. Onederful first birthday outfit
  • One Minta video of an Easter outfit
  • One static image of a St. Patrick’s Day outfit
  • One static image of a Mr. Onederful first birthday outfit
  • One static image of an Easter outfit

Advertising Budget For Collaboration

Case Study Results

  • St. Patrick’s Day Outfit
  • Birthday Outfit
image1 1
  • Easter Outfit
image2 1

Phases Of Our Case Study

  1. Our first step in the case study was to select which products we wanted to test. We wanted three different products spanning different occasions to see if the results were consistent with different products.
  2. Our next step was to create the 3 videos we would upload to Pinterest for the video pins. The product images were already created and active in the Etsy shop, so we just used those same images for the product videos Minta created.
  3. Next we created a Pinterest board that would house the 6 pins we were creating for this case study.
  4. Finally, we uploaded the 6 pins (3 videos and 3 images) to our Pinterest board and watched how they performed for 2 weeks.

3 Pro Tips For Your Business

  1. Think of Pinterest as a search engine like Google. You want every single item in your store to appear on Pinterest which means you need to pin every single one of them. Luckily Minta automatically creates videos of every product in your store so you can easily download them and then pin to categorized boards.
  2. When pinning your videos, be sure to have titles and descriptions that are keyword rich so they tell Pinterest exactly what products you are promoting with your pins.
  3. If you are manually creating pins from within Pinterest be sure to ALWAYS include the link to where people can order the product that is being shown in your pins. If you are a dropshipper and your inventory is constantly changing you can link them to a collection instead of a specific product page to prevent the traffic from Pinterest linking to a page with a 404 error.

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