Ogee Uses Minta’s generative AI video ads in TikTok shopping re-targeting campaign to increase Sales

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How Ogee Got 50% Cheaper Clicks Using Ai-powered Advertising

Ogee is committed to creating the highest quality collection of high-performance certified organic beauty.

The stringent NSF Organic certification for all of our products covers every facet of product development, from the farm where the ingredients are grown, harvested and processed, the lab in which they are batched and bottled, the sustainably sourced paperboard in which they’re contained, until they end up on the vanity on which they’re placed.

Our pledge to provide a true organic difference is why we are proud to be Beyond Clean Beauty.

Ogee is a Shopify+ brand with over $15M annual revenue

The Challenge

Show that Minta Smart Video Ads Outperform TikTok Template Videos in a Re-targeting Campaign

With our case study we wanted to show that Minta Smart Videos would perform better overall in key metrics like CTR, CPC, CPM, and conversions versus basic TikTok Template videos for retargeting ads.

Minta completely changed how we create content and saved us so much time and money. We used Minta’s creatives in our ads and saw a CTR of 0.79% which is higher by 58%. This is an amazing platform for our brand. Can’t believe we only found out about it now.
Alex Stark, Founder & CEO, Ogee Luxury Organics

The Solution

We ran one test for a period of 5 days with a budget of $250/day to compare Minta Smart Video Ads to TikTok template ads. Our total ad spend of $1,337.96 ended up being less than what we budgeted for the 5 day test. Prior to setting up our campaign, we synced the Ogee Shopify shop catalog to the TikTok ads manager and Minta Smart Videos then created a video for every product in the Ogee product catalog with its own unique link. For the TikTok creatives we went to the TikTok ads manager template videos and selected one template chosen by TikTok for the test.

Once we had the Minta Smart Video Creatives and the TikTok Template creatives we setup our test campaign. We created one campaign with two ad sets and each ad set has two ads, one Minta Smart video and one TikTok template video. All of the text in the creatives was the same and we did not have any specific interests or demographics selected. This was a re-targeting campaign that simply targeted all website visitors in the last 30 days.

We let the TitkTok algorithm run on its own without any optimization on our part. We then stopped the campaign after 5 days and analyzed the results.

Minta’s AI video ads

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