How To Post Video Pin To Your Pinterest Boards

How To Post Video Pins To Your Pinterest Business Account

Minta is now connected to Pinterest. Which means you can easily publish your videos directly to your Pinterest business account.

How To Post Video Pin To Your Pinterest Boards

In order to post video pins to your Pinterest Account, you need to follow these steps:

  • Verify that your Pinterest account is defined as a Business account
  • If your account isn’t defined as a Business account, you will have to click on “Covert to business”
pinterest 1
  • When connecting Minta to Pinterest, make sure that your Pinterest Business account is Logged in.
pin 2
  • Make sure that your Pinterest account has at least 1 board.
pin 3
  • Make sure that your Pinterest account region supports video pins. You can change your account region under your account settings. Full the full list of supported countries click here
  • (In case you region isn’t in the list, try to posting manually your videos to Pinterest. The list hasn’t been updated for a long time).
  • You can also approve Pinterest new policy. You can do so by creating an ad account (Don’t worry, You’re just approving Pinterest new policies. You will not be charge or create areal ad).
    That will allow you to post video pins.

Now, after verifying those 3 steps. You are ready to WOW your audience with amazing video pins.

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