How to optimize your etsy shop seo for search?

5 Tips To Optimize Your Listings

There are many different aspects of how you can optimize your Etsy listings to show up better and rank higher in Etsy organic searches but we are going to focus on our top 5 most important tips.

First, let’s talk about the word “algorithm”. Basically, this is the top secret sauce that Etsy uses when determining what listings to show for any given search. There are several factors that go into account when Etsy is deciding what listings to show, some of which you have very little to no control over.

Here Is Some Of What We Know Contributes To The Algorithm:

  • Free Shipping
  • Discount Code
  • Dollar Amount Off
  • BOGO offer
  • Free Returns within a certain timeframe

What we want to worry about are the factors that we can control and optimize to give our listings the best chance to be seen by our potential customers.

So Let’s Take A Look At Our Top 5 Suggestions

  2. Make sure you have descriptive titles that describe the key features of your products. Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer and think of all the keywords and phrases they would use to search for what you are selling. For example, if you sell crochet hats, you would not want to limit your title to “crochet hats”. Here is an example of a good descriptive titles a Blue crochet hat for baby boys for newborn photo shots or coming home from the hospital
  4. This is where you will elaborate on those features and keywords people would search for if they were looking for your product. You want to be sure to include as much detail as possible here. You can include some of the following:
  5. Color information
  6. Size details
  7. How the product is used
  8. Ideas for occasions for when the product can be used
  9. Who would like the product? Men, Women, Mom’s, Dads, Aunts, Grandparents etc.
  10. Style Information
  11. TAGS:
  12. Etsy gives you 13 tags you are able to use for each listing. You want to make sure keywords that are in your title are also in your tags. For instance, if your title was “Black crochet baby hat for newborn boys” you would want to make sure you have those keywords in your tags. Examples of those would be “black crochet hat” “crochet baby hat” “newborn crochet hat”. Also think of the occasions the product can be used for and include those in your tags. Use all 13 tags they give you!
  14. Make sure every listing has a listing video. Listings with videos are getting “extra points” if you will in that good ol’ algorithm we discussed earlier. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit videos or if the thought of trying to create a video for every single one of your products make your head spin because now you have Minta to make all your videos for you with a click of a button.
  15. You can quickly head to your Minta dashboard after integrating Etsy with our app and let us create videos for every single one of your listings that you can use in your listing videos, on social media, Pinterest and for any ads you are running.
  17. Photos that are eye catching and clear will attract more people to click on them thus improving your listing rank with the Etsy algorithm. Etsy is a very visual marketplace and your photos are what are going to grab the attention of your potential customers first.
  18. If you have the best possible titles, keywords and tags but your photos do not clearly and nicely display your product, people will not click on your listings. This has a snowball effect in a bad way because if your listing is being shown over and over but people are not clicking on it, your listing will become less relevant to the algorithm. Etsy will favor the listings that are getting clicks, purchases and likes even if yours may be the most relevant.

We hope these quick tips help you get started if you have been struggling with getting traffic to your Etsy listings!

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