2 Powerful Automations to Get More From Minta

Saving You Time While Increasing Your Social Engagement And Sales!

In the Power Ups section you’ll find two mind blowing automation that will save you time, increase your social engagement and sales! All our power ups are available to anyone! It doesn’t matter how many products you have in your store or if you have just started out. Simply activate the power up that is right for you. So, let’s get started!

Step 1 : Choose Your Desired Power Up Automation

Currently we support Facebook & Instagram power ups. Pinterest is coming up soon.


Step 2 : Customize Your Power-Up

In 5 simple clicks, your fully branded, ready for social videos will be auto posted to your FB or IG Or both!


Step 3 : Select Page

In this section simply choose the FB or IG page you wish us to auto post your videos to.


Step 4 : Set Time & Day

Pick the days and hours in which you’d like us to post your videos.


Step 5 : Choose Products

Type the collection name you wish us to randomly select products from each time Minta sends a video post on your business account.


Step 6 : Select Templates

Every post is posted with a random video template. You can select specific templates or hit the shuffle button to view your videos with other products within the selected collection.


Step 7 : Choose Captions

Every video post is posted with a random caption.You can add, edit, delete your own caption and preview all captions with real products info by hitting the preview button.


Step 8 : Set Live

You’re done! Click on the “Set live” button to activate your Power Up!


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