How to Collect More Product Reviews (5 Proven Tactics)

For Your Online Store

Let’s Start With The Basics, Why Are Product Reviews Important?

Reviews have become a validator for your potential customers to actually consider buying your store products. According to Bright Local, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Product reviews are a key factor that influence your customer’s decision to buy. 70% of all online consumers read and consult an online review before making a purchase. Now this is HUGE in terms of increasing your sales by simply adding a genuine review from a customer.

Here Are Our Top 5 Ways To Increase Product Reviews

  • Make It Easy
  • Like anything in life, the easier you make the process for someone to do something, chances increase for it to happen. Create a CTA button in your product page or after the checkout, with a direct link to the page where your customers can write their review and you’ll be sure to get more of them.
  • Automate It!
  • Sending an automated post purchase email asking for review is a great way to increase your product reviews. Customers who have just purchased your product are in a satisfied state of mind, the chances of them writing a review about the product they have just purchased is significantly higher.
  • Pro tip - Make sure the email includes an image of the product and send it no later than 1 hour after the purchase was made.
  • Allow Customers To Write A Review Via Email
  • This is an advanced option to our second tip, allow customers to write a review on the email itself instead of going through your website. This can significantly increase the conversion rate!
  • Here is a great email template example
  • Use Your Social Media Channels!
  • Another great way to increase your product reviews is to leverage your social media presence. If you have a strong following on your social channels, use them to ask for reviews by uploading a post, story or even approach a few followers directly. This is a really effective way to increase product reviews.
  • Gifts As Last Resort
  • If your brand is struggling to get reviews and nothing of the above worked, you can always give your social followers or email subscribers discounts or incentives in return for reviews.

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