How To Market Your Online Store

With Social Media Video Ads

When it comes to selling your products online, it isn’t as simple as ‘Build it and they will come’. Ecommerce is thriving due to Covid-19, but the world of virtual retail is competitive. It’s your marketing activity and creativity that will help you stand out from the crowd, and attract your future customers.

In our previous post, You moved your store online, now what?, we revealed why video is the best marketing tool for small store owners. People love to consume visual content, and the numbers speak for themselves: consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a product video.

But the truth of the matter is, your video ad spend could be wasted investment if you don’t get them right. Studios and designers can soon rack up costs. In short, your videos need to be cost-effective, relevant and engaging. But how can you pull this off and get the highest possible conversion rate and ROI?


The Secret Ingredients Of Successful Product Videos

  • Shape Your Videos Using Your Real-Time Store Data
  • Having an online store gives you easy access to transactional data. Which products are selling well, what excess inventory do you have and how well are people engaging with your special offers?
  • Use these insights, as well as local and global events, to define your marketing and advertising strategy. Align your videos so that they showcase popular products and incentivize customers to buy your slower selling items.
  • Put Your Products In The Spotlight
  • Emphasize your product(s) in your videos, showing your potential customers what to expect and why they should love what you sell.
  • Bringing your product to the forefront helps people understand what they’re buying. Most of the time, the products speak for themselves. Clean, attention-grabbing videos where the product is the star of the show are often the most effective.
  • Capture People’s Attention Immediately
  • Speaking of attention-grabbing, the average person gets distracted in eight seconds. For some people, 2.8 seconds is enough. On top of this, people form a first impression in just 50 milliseconds.
  • If you have a special offer, show this first. When users browse social media, you don’t have much time to stop them scrolling straight past your ad.
  • Educate yourself on the eye movements of users who are scrolling or watching Stories and design your videos with this in mind. That way, even if users don’t watch your entire ad at first, they will still see some of the content. This can have the added benefit of making them more likely to pause and engage with your content the next time they see it.

Why Use Minta

We built Minta to bring the most value to our customers through punchy, data-driven videos. Once installed and connected with your store, our app serves up a daily dose of automated videos based on your bestsellers, new collections, special offers and more.

Our videos follow the best practices above, as well as Facebook and Instagram best practices. They look and feel on-brand, based on your color scheme, fonts and style. They are designed to work across Stories, Feeds and anywhere else you want to post them.

Try Minta with our 7-day trial, to see how it works.

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