How Heidelberg Online Florist Used Minta to Boost Sales By 505%

How An Online Florist Store Made X3 Sales Using Minta Videos

We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs learn and educate best from their peers, and that’s what our customer case study series is all about!

Today we’re going to take a look at how Heidelberg Online Florist used Minta videos in her Facebook and Instagram ads campaign during the month of February. Promoting her flower bouquets in order to increase sales in the most important time of the year.

So, let’s get started.

Heidelberg Online Florist is a florist located in Victoria, Australia that allows customers to place floral arrangement orders and schedule deliveries from their Shopify store. The store’s goal was to run a Facebook Ads campaign leading up to Valentine’s Day to increase order volume from online order placement.

Our main goal was presenting to you how Minta videos that were used in their Facebook ads outperformed static images at any time.

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How Did We Execute The Ad Campaign?

We chose two categories of floral arrangements to promote for the Valentine’s Day Facebook Ad Campaign. The arrangements were broken down into rose arrangements for one campaign and non-rose arrangements for the second campaign. We created two Facebook ad campaigns, 1 ad set for each campaign and a video ad and an image ad for each ad set.

Dates Collaboration Ran

  • Feb. 5, 2021 - Feb.14, 2021

Social Media Channels Used

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Placement in Feeds and Stories


  • Custom Targeted Audience of Men living within a 40 mile radius of florist’s location

Marketing Assets

  • Two Minta Videos of Products:
  • One video with rose arrangements
  • One video with non-rose arrangements
  • Two static Images of Products:
  • One Image with rose arrangement
  • One with non-rose arrangement

Advertising Budget For Collaboration

$1,500 USD (only $1212.83 was actually spent of that budget) Shop owner was overwhelmed with orders before reaching budget spend.

Sales And Traffic Results

Shopify Sales Dollars

shopify rev
  • Increased Sales Dollars from Facebook 4,995% and Instagram Sales Dollars 505% from last year
social increase

Conversions From Video Ads

  • 35 purchases

Conversions From Static Images

  • 23 purchases

Graph With Two Columns

compare graph

Phases Of Our Campaign

  1. Our first step in creating the campaigns was to decide which products we wanted to promote. We created one campaign per product for a total of two campaigns.
  2. Our next step was to create the ad set for each campaign. We selected one targeted audience to use for the ad sets in both campaigns. This was so we would have a consistent audience across the board and our test would be reflective of the video vs. image creative and not the targeting differences.
  3. Finally, for each ad set we created two ads (so in total 4 ads). Each ad set had one product ad and one video ad. We kept the ad copy identical for both ads. Again, keeping everything the same in each ad except for the image versus the video ensured that we were testing the ad creative only and not ad copy differences or audience differences.

3 Pro Tips For Your Business!!

  1. Be sure you are monitoring your campaigns daily to see stats on how your ads are performing. If you notice an ad that is performing poorly compared to the others, then make some adjustments and A/B test.
  2. When you are setting up your ads, always A/B test. This means changing one aspect of your campaign to test against to see what ad gets better results for your campaign objective. If you change too many aspects you will not be able to distinguish what the catalyst was for differing results. For example, if you are testing what audience gets better engagement, then you would leave the ad copy and creative the same but just change the audience.
  3. When you are creating your video ads, we suggest using a single product in your video that showcases multiple angles and views of your product. We find this performs better than a video showcasing multiple different products which can look confusing to potential customers.

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