How Nik & Noah’s Used Minta to 62X thier Etsy Product views

Increase Product Views & Sales Using Minta Products Listing Videos

We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs learn and educate best from their peers, and that’s what our customer case study series is all about!

Today we’re going to take a look at how Etsy shop Nik and Noah’s Boytique used Minta videos in their Etsy product listings to boost organic impressions resulting in more conversions for listings with videos versus listings without videos.

So, let’s get started.

Nik and Noah’s Boutique is a children’s clothing e-commerce store based out of Northern California. They started their business on Etsy in 2012 and then closed their Etsy shop for a little over 5 years while they were building their brand on other e-commerce sales channels. In late 2020 they went back to Etsy, starting from scratch to offer their handmade collection there once again.

Etsy has recently completed a beta test on whether or not listings with videos perform better than listings without video included. Their results did in fact show that listings with videos did perform better and they have made a video upload option a permanent feature in the Etsy platform. We wanted to test this ourselves using Minta videos in the listing video section.


Our main goal was to test and see if Etsy listings with videos received more impressions and conversions versus listings created without videos.

How Did We Execute The Case Study?

We chose 3 different products we wanted to test this on. We made duplicate listings of each product with the only difference being one listing contained a Minta product video and the other did not.

Dates Collaboration Ran

  • March 2, 2021 - March 16, 2021

E-Commerce Platform Used

  • Etsy


  • Organic Audience of who the Etsy algorithm selected to show our product listings to based off of product titles, descriptions and keywords.

Marketing Assets

  • One Minta video of a St. Patrick’s Day outfit
  • One Minta video of a Mr. Onederful first birthday outfit
  • One Minta video of an Easter outfit
  • One static image of a St. Patrick’s Day outfit
  • One static image of a Mr. Onederful first birthday outfit
  • One static image of an Easter outfit

Advertising Budget For Collaboration

$0 We wanted to test the organic impressions and clicks that the product listings would yield from Etsy searches without any ad spend.

Case Study Results

1 1
group 106
  • St. Patrick’s Day Outfit
3 1
  • Birthday Outfit
2 1
  • Easter Outfit

Phases Of Our Case Study

  1. Our first step in the case study was to select which products we wanted to test. We wanted three different products spanning different occasions to see if the results were consistent with different products.
  2. Our next step was to create the 3 videos we would upload to Etsy in our product video section for our listings we were including videos in. Images were already created for listings.
  3. Finally, we created two product listings for each product that were identical, except for one listing having a video with images and the other listing only images.
  4. We left the listings alone for 2 weeks to see how they would perform against each other with the only difference being video included in one and not the other.

3 Pro Tips For Your Business

  1. Video is a must in your Etsy product listings. Make sure every single one of your listings has a video included to increase its visibility and organic rank within Etsy.
  2. Utilize Minta to create automated product videos of your entire store. This will save you time and money while instantly increasing your listing’s popularity within the Etsy algorithm.
  3. As you add new listings, Minta will automatically create videos of your new listings, all you have to do is save them and input them into your new listings as part of your new listing marketing process.

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