Introducing Minta: Automated Videos For Your eCommerce Store

By Real-Time Ecommerce Data

For online store owners, Minta automatically generates product videos based on current transactional data and user behavior trends.

Producing dynamic social ads no longer has to involve a lengthy design and editing process. Your social ad content can now be fresh, unique and swapped out frequently. By connecting your Shopify store with Minta’s platform, you’ll get ready-to-use, seven-second videos to market your merchandise created for you.

“Video Users Enjoy 27% Higher Click-Through Rates And 34% Higher Web Conversion Rates, Compared To Non-Users.”

Aberdeen Group

Video ads convert well but the ecommerce market is competitive and crowded, so you need a real-time and data-driven approach to your social media ads. Use Minta to instantly turn your inventory and sales data, plus real-world events, into Facebook and Instagram videos. We help you let users know about new arrivals, current bestsellers, slow selling items, promotions and more.

With Minta, You Can:

  • Harness the power of AI and machine learning to analyze your Shopify sales, operational and product data to automatically generate targeted, timely product video ads
  • Connect your store and instantly view your first videos on a dashboard, all brand-consistent and ready to use
  • Get stunning product videos sent to you daily, based on your real-time data and real-world events, via email or Facebook Messenger
  • Choose from Professional, Modern, Playful and Fun styles
  • Easily publish your favorite videos to Facebook and Instagram
  • A/B test ad creative and offers
  • Download your videos in 1080p HD resolution

“79% Of Customers Say That Their Purchase Intent Grows By Up To 3 Times Higher When They See A Video Of A Product.”


Set Up Once, Automated Forever

It all starts when you connect your store to Minta’s platform via the Shopify App Store. Once integrated, you are redirected to your dashboard with your first videos ready to use ‘out of the box’.

You can upload your logo, and we extract your store’s color palette so your ad creative matches your online store front. You’ll have a choice of visual styles to choose from, to fit your brand personality. Would you prefer Professional, Modern, Playful or Fun?


On a daily basis, we auto generate new videos based on your real-time store data. Whether you’ve added a new product, got a new bestseller or have excess inventory, Minta reacts in a timely fashion and serves up the best video ads for you to publish right now.

Bespoke Videos Incoming…

Our chatbot notifies you on Facebook Messenger or sends you an email when a new video is ready for you to watch and post, or when we have a new promotion, discount or offer for you to launch and promote.


Your videos look the part, with your brand identity informing the creative. They have the right copy and animation, and tick every box when it comes to Facebook Ad best practices.

We live and breathe your store and the outside world, so we use real-time user behavior and store data together with real-world events to create your videos. They are based on the latest transactions, card abandonment and product inventory, so they are always relevant and timely.

Instantly Publish To Your Socials

You can share your video as a post or create an ad, for Facebook or Instagram, directly from the Minta platform. Or you can download the video in 1080p HD resolution to add to your Stories or use however you wish. It’s up to you.

With the targeting options of your social channel, you can choose to promote to new customers based on their demographics, retarget existing customers or get the attention of users who abandoned their carts.

Try Minta for free for 7-day, and view your first automated product videos right now.

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