5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Sales For The 4th Of July

Make Sure You’re In The Game This 4th Of July Season

Did you know that sales for the 4th of July Holiday alone are expected to reach around 7 billion dollars? Yes, that is BILLION with a B! The holiday is one of the biggest retail days of the year and if you aren’t marketing your shop for the 4th, you will be losing out on your little slice of the money pie!

Don’t panic if you don’t sell specific red white and blue patriotic merchandise. Many people are just shopping on the holiday to take advantage of shops that are having big sales and coupons for their regular everyday merchandise. So check out our tips below for how you can make sure you’re in the game this 4th of July season

1. Use The Holiday To Promote Overstock/Out Of Season Items.

Do you have inventory you’ve been sitting on that you just want to get rid of? Use the holiday to promote a large sale, like 50% off for these items that are slow moving or you have excess inventory of. This will draw people to your store because of the large discount you are offering. Often times these buyers will also find regular priced items they are interested in too since they already feel like they are getting such a great deal with their discounted items.

2. Launch An Exciting E-Mail Campaign.

Start e-mailing your subscribers and promoting your sale early to your loyal customers. You could even offer them an early access discount to really make them feel “special”. You should send at least 1 e-mail everyday for a week leading up to the 4th of July.

3. Promote Your Sale On Your Website Homepage.

Be sure you have a big feature on your homepage advertising your sale so it is clear to everyone visiting your website you are having a sale.


A great sale will not be successful if you are not letting people know about your awesome products and deals for the holiday. Use your Minta videos and the 4th of July templates to advertise your sales on social media. You want to be sharing these videos on your Instagram and Facebook for at least a week leading up to your sale! Be sure you are using a combination of posts, stories and reels! And yes you can just take your Minta video and upload it as a reel since reels are getting much more organic reach than posts and stories right now! Be sure to use your maximum of 30 hashtags in each post as well!

5. Know Your Buyer And Invest In Paid Ads

This is something that should always be a given in e-commerce but we want to make it clear here…know who your target buyer is! If you are selling 4th of July specific products, have a clear picture of who exactly is your ideal customer.

If you are selling non-specific holiday products, think about who will be most likely to
buy the products you are promoting for the holiday sale.

Now, invest in paid ads a couple days leading up to the holiday to those specific
audiences of people you want to reach (you may even offer a special early code for those who visit your site from the ad). Use your 4th of July Minta videos for the most
engaging ads promoting your sale products.

These 5 Tips Will Get You On Your Way To Having A Successful 4th Of July Sale! Start Preparing And Promoting Today!

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